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Interclarinet, Vol. 2
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The interclarinet ensemble was founded in the summer of 1998 in Columbus/Ohio following an initiative by the Frank Hammerschmidt Klarinetten company of Burgau. At the time, the members were participating – with great success – in the congress of the International Clarinet Association in the USA. Those now forming the ensemble got such enjoyment out of the rehearsals and concerts that it was agreed that they should work together permanently.
The tours planned for the immediate future include concert trips in Europe, the USA and Japan, as well as workshops for chamber music and the clarinet in various colleges in Germany and Hungary.
The programme on this CD is a varied and fascinating panorama of arrangements and original compositions for clarinet quartets and quintets, drawing on the classics and the baroque and romantic period, as well as including a small, interesting cross-section of swing/jazz and musicals.
Jószef Balogh Jószef Balogh
Studied at the Franz Liszt College of Music in Budapest. Awards in international competitions – including Budapest and Prague. Solo clarinetist at the Budapest Opera, as well as later at the Budapest Radio Symphony Orchestra. Visiting professor at various universities in the USA. President of the "Hungarian Clarinet Society" since 1994.
Johannes Gleichweit Johannes Gleichweit
Studied under Professor G. Schönfeldinger at the Oberschützen College of Music, Professor Peter Schmidl and Johann Hindler at the Vienna College of Music. Frequent solo and chamber music performances at home and abroad. Joined the ORE Symphony Orchestra in 1993, and has been solo clarinetist in Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra since 1996.
Harald Harrer Harald Harrer
Studied under Professor Gerhard Starke at the Munich College of Music. A member of the ARCIS quintet that has won awards in several international competitions, including Tokyo and the Munich ARD (German Television) award. Wide-ranging activity in several orchestras, including the BR (Bavarian Radio) Orchestra and the German Academy of Chamber Music. Principal lecturer at the Augsburg division of the Nürnberg Augsburg College of Music since 1990.
Manfred Preis Manfred Preis
Studied under Professor Gerhard Starke at the Munich College of Music, and at the Herbert-von-Karajan Foundation in Berlin. Award winner in international competitions, including the Deutscher Musikrat and the Prague Spring. Joined the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin in 1980, and a member of the Berlin Philharmonic since 1982. Lecturer at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Academy.
Norbert Täubl Norbert Täubl
Studied under Professor Peter Schmidl at the Vienna College of Music. Joined the Austrian National Theatre Orchestra in 1979. Successful audition with the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic in 1980. Chamber musician in the Vienna Wind Octet and the Vienna Chamber Music Ensemble. Solo clarinetist with the Vienna Philharmonic since 1995. Joined the Vienna-Berlin Ensemble in 1999.