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W. A. Mozart: Gran Partita, Nacht Musique
W. A. Mozart: Gran Partita, Nacht Musique


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W. A. Mozart

Gran Partita Serenade No. 10, B Major,
K 361 (1781)

Nacht Musique Serenade No. 12, c minor,
K 388 (1782)

Bläsersolisten der KlangVerwaltung
(The Principal Wind Players of the KlangVerwaltung)
Recorded at the Small Golden Hall of the City of Augsburg, January 2008 (Gran Partita),
at the Bürgersaal Hall in the borough of Pullach, November 2009 (Nacht Musique)

(German, English)
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The Enigma of Mozart’s Serenades

Mozart’s serenades and divertimenti would appear to be an easily approachable, comparatively unproblematic genre: easy listening music in the Salzburg tradition, written for weddings, family occasions and student graduation celebrations, composed seemingly casually, yet perfectly structured and usually containing several movements. However there are two works which quite simply do not fit into this category: the "Gran Partita" KV 361 and the "Nacht musique" (serenade) KV 388. Neither was composed in Salzburg but during Mozart’s years in Vienna. They are both scored for an unusually large ensemble, one for eight the other for twelve woodwind instruments. It is not known exactly for what occasion the were composed. They both far exceed the normal demands of mere divertimentos.

Thinking of Mozart’s 30 serenades, his "Gran Partita" is certainly the "biggest" and most impressive one – in matters of instrumentation (especially because of the basset horn, which was a novel at that time), the prosperity when it comes to content as well as the temporal dimension (50 minutes of music). That is probably the reason why an unknown person once called it "Gran Partita".

The "Night Music", which Mozart composed for the Prince of Liechtenstein in 1782 in Vienna, is one of the most popular works for a wind octet. "I had to make a night music quickly, but only based on harmony", Mozart wrote in a letter to his father. Due to its almost ingenious way of mixing a light serenade’s tone with an artful descant model, this work has remained a very popular one until today.

When Mozart’s 250th birthday was celebrated in 2006, the principal wind players of the KlangVerwaltung were happy to take on the opportunity to work on and perform his most important serenade for wind players.

"We enjoyed three unforgettable days of friendship in May 2006, when Wolfgang Esch and I, together with Enoch zu Guttenberg were on his castle and had our heads in scores and writings, conducted inspiring conversation on music and many other topics and thereby came up with our interpretation of the 'Gran Partita'", says Jürgen Evers, oboist within the group of the Principal Wind Players. And adds: "The interpretation concept we shaped during these days is still valid today, however we leave space for new ideas and perceptions that may emerge during the rehearsing process which takes place in the upcoming of our concerts. We thereby guarantee a never-ending vibrancy of the interpretation."

Instrumentation Gran Partita

Oboe: Jürgen Evers, Isabel Evers /// Clarinet: Wolfgang Esch, Gerald Hacke /// Basset horn: Harald Harrer, Caroline Heilig /// Horn: Franz Draxinger, Franz Kanefzky, Alexander Boruvka, Florian Winkelmann /// Bassoon: Karsten Nagel, Julia Nagel-Santarius /// Double bass: Peter Schlier

Instrumentation Nacht Musique

Oboe: Jürgen Evers, Isabel Evers /// Clarinet: Wolfgang Esch, Harald Harrer /// Horn: Franz Draxinger, Franz Kanefzky /// Bassoon: Karsten Nagel, Thomas Eberhardt /// Double bass: Peter Schlier
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"… hardly any other encounter with “Wolferl” will succeed in being so beautiful in sound, pleasant and deeply touching." Augsburg’s daily newspaper, January 28, 2008