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Order number B 108 032
Jolivet, Bauzin, Roussel, Ibert - Sarah Louvion
Sarah Louvion, flute


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Flute: Sarah Louvion

Flute: Sarah Louvion
Violin: Gabriel Adorján
Viola: Benjamin Rivinius
Violoncello: Axel von Huene
Harp: Francoise Friedrich

Ensemble du Festival**:
Violin: Gabriel Adorján,
Bogdan Dumitrascu, Juliane Strienz, Salomé Hagenbuechle, Tuan Huan Cuong, Piotr Pujanek, Daria Pujanek,
Susanne Thiébaud, Odile Deutsch
Viola: Benjamin Rivinius, Lena Thies, Mikniene Indre
Violoncello: Axel von Huene, Anke Heyn
Contrabass: Frank Thoenes
Harp: Francoise Friedrich
Conductor: Ariel Zuckermann

**Festival Flûte-Hautbois en Livradois (France)
Recorded at the
Churches of Saint-Amand Roche Savine & Fournols, France, August 2007

(German, French, English)
· texts
· introduction J. Bauzin
· biographies

With the friendly assistance of the Fondation Groupe Banque Populaire.
This debut CD by the young French flutist Sarah Louvion is from both the artistic point of view as well as in regards to the expansion of repertoire an enrichment of every classical music collection.

Pierre-Philippe Bauzin, an extraordinary musician with a multi-faceted career, dedicated his flute concert that he finished in 1960 to Jean-Pierre Rampal. It was performed for the first and only time 40 years ago, and has inexplicably fallen into oblivion since.
Jean-Gabriel Bauzin, son of the composer who died in 2005, said about the rediscovery of this brilliant and melodic work by Sarah Louvion: "It is a truly fortunate coincidence that this work is interpreted and revived by such a talented young flutist."

In Albert Roussel’s serenade, the flute gains a very soloistic character due to its swiftness and expressiveness, and yet again ideally presents Sarah Louvion’s excellent play.

André Jolivets describes his musical intentions as follows: "From the technical point of view, my goal is to entirely liberate myself from the tonal system. As far as aesthetics are concerned, I would like to replenish music with its original function in regards to magic and invocation."
His composing style is complex and demands a highly versatile play, which is easily accomplished by Sarah Louvion and her ensemble.

André Jolivet: Concerto

pour flûte et orchestre à cordes

Pierre-Philippe Bauzin: Concerto
pour flûte et orchestre à cordes, op. 22

André Jolivet: Chant de Linos
pour flûte principale, violon, alto, violoncelle et harpe

Albert Roussel: Sérénade
pour flûte, violon, alto, violoncelle et harpe, op. 30

Jacques Ibert: Pièce
pour flûte seule

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Recommendation / Award:

Recommended from "Le Choix de France Musique"

Logo Le Choix de France Musique Logo 5 Diapason

Awarded from diapason 5 (out of 5)

"... Each piece challenges the flutist, and Louvion meets every challenge. …"
www.allmusic.com, James Manheim, 2009

"… With a great deal of virtuosity, but ever light and filigree in the swift first and last movements, the beautifully played melodic arcs of the Andante and three impressive cadences, the young artist quickly won the audience’s favour…"
Weilburger Tageblatt, Nassauische Neue Presse