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Order number B 108 025
Joseph Haydn: The Creation
Cover die Schoepfung


Price EUR 19,50

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Malin Hartelius, soprano
Lothar Odinius
, tenor
Anton Scharinger
, bass

Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern
RSO Saarbrücken

Enoch zu Guttenberg
Coproducition with the 'Saarländische' Broadcast
Recorded 1998

(German, English)
· text
· libretto
· biographies
"The Creation" – a millennium work?

"O happy couple, and happy for ever, if you are not seduced by dangerous illusions, to wish to have more than you have now, and to know more than you are allowed to!" (Uriel)

"Look how beautiful is that earth!", Christoph Martin Wieland called out in 1801 after his first encounter with Joseph Haydn’s oratorio "The creation". What does this work mean to us today, which reaction does it cause in our mind, has it become strange to us, does it concern us?
Exactly two hundred years after its public first night on March 19, 1799, "The creation" is still very popular with musicians and audience, experts and amateurs, believers and heretics. "The creation" has become a musical "world’s cultural heritage". Why does it still appeal us today, how do we absorb Haydn’s "reflected naivety" considering the monstrosities of the past two centuries (from the musical as well as from the historical point of view)?

The exceptional quality of Haydn’s music is undoubtedly; certainly it is the main reason of the work’s popularity. But, considering the increasing destruction of the nature and the increasing estrangement of people, isn’t it the elementary theme, the principal questions of human being and acting, that touches our soul and our mind?
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(available only in German)

"… die Abstimmung mit der stimmlich bestens disponierten Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern lässt nichts zu wünschen übrig… Guttenberg achtet auf einen schlanken Klang, wählt flüssige Tempi und lässt das Orchester stets im richtigen Gleichgewicht zu den Vokalstimmen musizieren. Ausgewogene Balance zwischen Arien, Rezitativen und Chorpartien…"

"… die Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern, Sonderfall eines professionellen Amateurchors von bleibender Qualität über Jahrzehnte, folgt vom flüsternden Pianissimo bis zur mächtig in den Raum abhebenden Emphase."