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Strauss & Schubert: Lieder, Waltraud Meier
Waltraud Meier: Lieder, Strauss & Schubert


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Waltraud Meier, mezzo-soprano
Joseph Breinl, piano
Recorded at FARAO Studios, March 2007


(German, English)
· interview
W. Meier, J. Breinl
· songtexts
· biographies

What’s Waltraud Meier’s secret to her 30 years of international success on stage?
"Authentic empathy for the respective part", she tells us, "This is the only way for the audience to understand its essence." But it is more than that, it’s her charismatic acting intensity, her acting skills, her elaborate vocal technique, as well as her frenetic singing culture. She is constantly taking up new challenges, working on herself and trying to intuitively grasp a new vocal part.
Only when she can fully identify with the song or the part, when the boundaries between the part and the self are blurred, only then can the performance be convincing, says the artist.

With Joseph Breinl, she has found an ingenious partner whose primary concern is to equally learn, develop, and improve new things. They both aim to grasp what is written in the music, what the composer wanted to express. "We are servants of music, not self-exposers!"


Richard Strauss
Cäcilie (Heinrich Hart) Op. 27/2
Winterweihe (Karl Friedrich Henckell) Op. 48 N° 4
Wie sollten wir geheim sie halten (A.F. Graf von Schack) Op. 19 N° 4
Morgen! (John Henry Mackay) Op. 27 N° 4
Die Nacht (Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg) Op. 10 N° 3
Befreit (Richard Dehmel) Op. 39 N° 4
Zueignung (Hermann von Gilm zu Rosenegg) Op. 10 N° 1

Franz Schubert
Dem Unendlichen (Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock) Lfg. 10
Wehmut (Matthäus Kasimir von Collin) Op. 22 N° 2
Die Forelle (Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart) Op. 32
Gretchen am Spinnrade (J.W. von Goethe) Op. 2
Nachtstück (Johann Baptist Mayrhofer) Op. 36 N° 2
Erlkönig (J.W. von Goethe) Op. 1

Richard Strauss
Vier letzte Lieder Op. 150
Klavierfassung von Max Wolf und Ernst Roth
· Frühling (Hermann Hesse)
· September (Hermann Hesse)
· Beim Schlafengehen (Hermann Hesse)
· Im Abendrot (Joseph von Eichendorff)
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"[…] Accompanied by Joseph Breinl, who provides a richly colourful interpretation, in the piano version by Wolf and Roth, she makes Strauss’s "Vier letzten Lieder" the high point of the whole-hearted and exciting recital, a genre in which she has much experience. […] She almost makes mini-operas out of the songs, using the whole spectrum of theatrical colours right up to the dramatic scene of Schubert’s 'Erlkönig'."
Opernwelt, Gerhard Persché, 2-2008

Pure Waltraud Meier
"[…] if there is a thrilling story to be told, such as 'Gretchen am Spinnard' or even more so in 'Erlkönig', Waltraud Meier launches into the dramatics of the story, and just as she is on the stage performing opera, she is a pure actress. […]"
Frankfurter Neue Presse, md, 11.01.08

"[…] great potential and presentation possibilities […] Each word of the poetry is felt with emotion and meaning through the music. Schubert’s 'Erlkönig' is in itself an experience, in how Meier interprets the roles of the King of the Elves and also of the little boy trembling with fear."
Main-Post, 31.12.07

"[…] excellent vocal and lyrical presentation. An 'Erlkönig' brilliantly graduated in terms of colour becomes the highlight of the CD […]"
Das Opernglas, A. Laska, Januar 2008

"[…] Waltraud Meier presents Schubert’s Lieder with finest nuances between lyrical devotion and dramatic outbursts. But she has also a talent for the airy, playful parts, as she demonstrates with her extremely vivid version of Schubert’s "Forelle". She is accompanied by Joseph Breinl, a young pianist whose interpretation already possesses a wonderful maturity. He accentuates the orchestral side of Schubert’s piano setting just as colourful as the intimate chamber musical moods so that, in cooperation with Waltraud Meier’s expressive presentation, Schubert’s songs are rendered in an outrageously dense and tonally beautiful way. [] Finally, in the evergreen "Zuneigung", Waltraud Meier shows the wide range of her voice, which even in extremely slow passages retains its inner cohesion. []"
klassik.com, Paul Hübner, 23.11.07

"[…] 'If you only knew what it is like to dream…' (Wenn du es wüßtest, / was träumen heißt) thus, as we know, begins Henckell’s famous poem 'Cäcilie',  and this new CD by Waltraud Meier, in which she  has recorded some of the most beautiful examples of German art song, invites listeners to dream along, spellbound, from the first to the last song […] She manages to sweep the listener along in an almost intimate manner, into the bleak world of Goethe’s Elf King, or his 'Gretchen am Spinnrade' (Gretel at the spinning-wheel). The crowning finale of this recording is Strauss’s  'Four Last Songs' in which, thanks to Joseph Breinl’s beautiful accompaniment, the listener, deeply immersed in the twilight of 'Im Abendrot', may eavesdrop on the echoes of the larks."
The Art of Culture, Marcel H. Swoboda, November 2007