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Order number: W 109 085

Tu Tiempo (CD)

Bosque Mágico


  • 1. Moonflower
  • 2. Magmas Run
  • 3. Bardo
  • 4. Breath
  • 5. Tu Tiempo
  • 6. Vaivén
  • 7. Zappatheart
  • 8. Mamadous Luggage
  • 9. Ukrainian Paradoxon
  • 10. Áqua e Vinho

  • Bosque Mágico

  • Ralf Siedhoff (guitar, composer)
  • Mykyta Sierov (oboe)
  • Karthik Mani (percussion)
  • Magnus Dauner (drums, percussion)
  • Ernesto Martinez (percussion)
  • Carmela Delgado (bandoneon)
  • Manuel Delgado (flamenco guitar)
  • An adventure in sound and rhythm for open ears and minds

    Bosque Mágico is the new project of the German world musician Ralf Siedhoff together with the Ukrainian oboist Mykyta Sierov. Both musicians live in the introspective classic town of Weimar and are rooted in world music. In their duo Bosque Mágico they fuse distances, cultures and languages into a common musical line.

    In Bosque Mágico the oboe adapts what until now has only been used in classical music into a completely unusual context. Improvisations, inspired by classical Indian music, flamenco, pop and jazz, are fused into this instrument and open a rarely heard sound cosmos.
    Ralf Siedhoff understands the guitar more and more as an orchestra. Through his individual manual skills via his right hand - a mix of flamenco and jazz technic - he gives a distinctive and impulsive rhythm to the compositions. A guitar whisperer as excessive as sensuous.

    The music is enriched by the versatile, spirited and intuitive percussionists Karthik Mani (India), Ernesto Martinez (Spain) and the drummer Magnus Dauner (Germany). Manuel and Carmela Delgado, father and daughter, contribute as special guests by playing flamenco guitar and bandoneon.

    Press review

    Akustik Gitarre

    Listening to the intensive music, the spatial distances, the differences of the languages and cultures play no role, or even better, the differences and the resulting energies form the musicians a special sound cosmos, for which one hardly finds a thrusting country stylistically ... to admire is the imagination, the guitarist and composer Ralf Siedhoff, who realizes here music of blazing beauty and zest for life, associative sounds and creative soundscapes ...
    Andreas Schulz, 1/2019

    Thüringer Allgemeine

    Influences from Indian classical music, flamenco and classical music blend into the duo's own original compositions with sometimes jazzy improvisations. A new sound cosmos is born, and sometimes they manage to build a magic that overrides time.
    Christiane Weber, August 2019