Carmela Delgado


According to LA TERRASE, Carmela Delgado is "Today one of the main characters in the revival of tango". Carmela is involved in many formations of tango, Argentine folklore, flamenco or jazz.
Juan José Mosalini, undisputed master and main protagonist of the bandoneon in Europe and internationally, accepted her at age 12 into his class.
In 2011, she appeared in Juan José Mosalinis Grand Orchestra, with which she visited the most beautiful concert halls in Europe (Conservatory in Vienna and Berlin, The Greek Theater in Barcelona, ​​Mulhouse Spinning, Tonhalle Dusseldorf, etc). In the same year she came to Orquesta Silbando. After three albums and more than one hundred concerts, Silbando is today considered one of the most typical orchestras on the European scene.

At the age of 19, she is also the co-founder of Cuarteto Lunares. Her first album "A horas trucas" was recorded in Holland under the label Silvox. This was followed by appearances on the prestigious show "Generation young performers" by France Musique as well as numerous tours and concerts in Argentina, the Netherlands and at French festivals.
Carmela strives to get to know the roots of the tango and its deepest expressions, and travels regularly on tour in Argentina, playing with many renowned Argentine musicians and orchestras including Ramiro Gallo, Rudi Flores and Alejo de los.
Her curiosity for other styles of music is concretized in several projects and recordings. After returning from an initiation journey in northern Argentina, she founded the folklore group "Escamas de Plata" with Aurélie Gallois and Juan-Cruz Suárez de Oro. "Her father, flamenco guitarist Manuel Delgado, also invites her to record his albums "Soleado" and "Bellamar" with him and to accompany him at his numerous concerts.
Recently she is a member of the "Canailles de Panam", a band based in Germany that draws its repertoire from the great characters of French songs, with whom she travels between France, Germany and China.
Finally, Carmela is often sought as a soloist in orchestra with the repertoires of Piazzolla, Bachalov and Palmeri.