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Order number: B 108110

OPUS BACH | Orgelwerke Vol 1

Peter Kofler

Recorded at the Rieger organ of the Jesuit church St. Michael in Munich, 2017-2019


  • CD 1
  • Preludes and fugues BWV 552, 543 | Chorale prelude BWV 654| Chorale partita BWV 768 | Pastorale BWV 590 | Toccata and fugue BWV 565

  • CD 2
  • Preludes and fugues BWV 536, 550 | Trio sonata BWV 529 | Eighteen Leipziger chorales BWV 659-661 | Chorale prelude BWV 740 | Concerto BWV 596 | Canonic Variation BWV 769

  • CD 3
  • Prelude and fugue BWV 545 | Neumeister chorales BWV 1112-1116 | Allabreve BWV 589 |Trio sonata BWV 528 | Fugues BWV 579, 575, 577 | Schübler chorales BWV 645-650 | Kirnberger chorales BWV 699, 738, 722, 704, 729 | Canzona BWV 588
  • CD 4
  • Preludes and fugues BWV 548, 541 | Chorale partitas BWV 767, 766 | Trio BWV 583 | Fantasia and fugue BWV 537 | Neumeister chorales BWV 1117-1120, 957

  • CD 5
  • Concerto BWV 594, Kirnberger chorales BWV 730, 731, 741, 714, 717, 711, 715 | Prelude and fugue BWV 539 | Eighteen Leipziger chorales BWV 657, 658 | Fantasias BWV 573, 570, 572 | Orgelbüchlein BWV 639-644

  • Peter Kofler (organ)
  • OpusBach

    In March 2017 organist and harpsichordist Peter Kofler launched his ongoing Bach project: a complete recording of Johann Sebastian Bach’s organ works. Unlike performers of earlier complete recordings, Kofler opted for a “modern” instrument for this enterprise. For not only was J. S. Bach the perfecter of a great polyphonic era, he was an innovator and stimulator as well, particularly in the field of organ music. Be it the introduction of the tempered tuning system, the virtuoso use of the organ pedal or the development of the fortepiano: Bach significantly contributed to each of them and was one of the first to employ the possibilities of these modern developments. The four-manual Rieger organ at the Jesuit church of St. Michael’s in Munich with its 75 stops offers many of the characteristics verifiably valued by Bach. It features an imposing fortissimo and a multitude of characteristic stop timbres that the cantor of Leipzig’s Thomaskirche partly could only dream of in his days.

    The recording technology: a world first
    This is the first ever organ recording using high-resolution Auro-3D technology, a consequent advancement from earlier surround formats like 5.1, 7.1 or 2+2+2. Thus the space of the church interior is authentically reproduced not only in its horizontal dimensions, but also in its vertical acoustics, its spatial height.
    A sound experience that provides fascinating transparency even on a conventional stereo CD. Various high-resolution multichannel formats are available for download on the website www.opus-bach.de.

    “Everybody who has enjoyed this sound experience even just once will share my enthusiasm. However, what I consider the center of this project is neither the modern organ nor the sound engineering, but purely and simply Johann Sebastian Bach’s music.“ Peter Kofler

    Press review


    All in all, from the evidence of these first five discs, this is going to be a highly recommendable recorded survey of Bach’s complete organ works. The playing is very fine indeed, the organ as close to the ideal as it is possible for a modern organ to be, and the recorded sound genuinely awe-inspiring.
    Marc Rochester, January 2020


    ... There is so much here to admire that I will just single out some of my particular highlights. ... I have nothing but high praise for this release, and enthusiastically look forward to the next instalment. This is an auspicious start to what promises to be a compelling cycle.
    Stephen Greenbank, Nov 2019


    … Kofler’s focused, precise playing is admirable, combining so effectively with his registration choices. …
    Michael Cookson, Dec 2019

    Münchner Merkur (Munich daily)

    … Much to discover! … Kofler generates a festive mood, a humour and an esprit that is almost overwhelming. … an all-round package emotionally and intellectually: calming, grounding, mindful, mentally edifying and uplifting, spiritually stimulating. …
    Maximilian Maier, 23.12.19

    ORF, Ö1

    ... Well worth a listen! ... assured, very nuanced interpretation by Peter Kofler. ...
    Daniela Knaller, 12.12.19


    … the more I listen to this set, the more I like it; it leaps to near the front of the line, ahead of many others, and when complete promises to compete with Masaaki Suzuki’s ongoing series as a prime choice for a new Bach organ cycle. I look forward to receiving the subsequent installments. Very highly recommended.
    James A. Altena, 3/10/2020